Tuesday, 7 February 2012

In My Garden progress

What do you do when one project is taking a long time to finish? Start a new one of course.

Well, In My Garden isn't new, but it does need to be quilted. Usually I only have one hand quilting project on the go at a time, but the top was finished, I had the batting, I bought the backing.......so on the weekend I basted it ready to quilt. I don't think it will actually need a lot of quilting, as it's all about the applique on this one. I really need a break from the stars.

I keep my safety pins in this little old teapot.

Myf likes the stars quilt too. Cheeky girl.

Susan x


  1. I can see why Myf likes the quilt!

  2. I love both of them........goodluck with the hand quilting........can't do that.......

  3. Both are lovely. Looking forward to seeing how you quit this one.

  4. Cant wait till 'in the garden' is finished, I agree simple quilting will make it perfect :)

  5. A great idea having several things to work on as the mood suits...Your quilts are lovely and Myf looks so cute on the quilt ...a great shot! I'm watching your countdown to Nundle...I'm sure you will all have a fabulous time..

  6. You are making good headway to two beautiful finishes. The teapot pin holder is a very cute idea

  7. Oh, your quilt is so sweet and cosy! Fantastic!


  8. Your garden quilt is amazing, such beautiful soft colours!

  9. Nothing like a new 'old' project right? I'm looking forward to seeing your quilting on this one........ and I love the teapot, great idea!


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