Saturday, 18 June 2016

Reality it would seem that working full time does dreadful things to a girls sewing time. Hence the lack of posting, and not really a great deal to show. It's all about priorities though, so I have been squeezing sewing time into my day. And a fair bit of knitting time too, although I wish I had the courage to pull my knitting out at lunchtime at work. My first sock is going pretty well, but I'm scared of the heel that is coming up, and of second sock syndrome. I'm following the pattern by Winwickmum, with wool from The House of Wool, and a 30cm circular needle (2.75mm). Quite fun but slow going. 

I've also spent hours days agonising over the corners of Doing The Rounds. After seeking many opinions, I have decided to go with my engineering consultants suggestion (DH) and add some smaller petals. Thank you also to Hilda at Everystitch for finally helping me decide and let my poor mind rest. 

It's another lovely rainy weekend. Not so great though for my Mr 14 who is turning 15 tomorrow and having a bonfire party tonight. Fortunately he has a very positive personality that a bit of rain will not dampen.......and his mum thought to cover a smaller fire before the rain started. Here he is patiently modeling the beanie I knitted. 

Very happy that Mr 19's end of semester coincides with the Sydney craft show, so that's where I'll be on Wednesday. I'm really hanging out for some retail therapy, but I'll try to leave some fabric behind for those going later in the week! 

Happy weekend,
Susan x

Monday, 6 June 2016

It's a finish

The beauty of mini quilts is that finishing them can often be a lot faster than big quilts. I spent a lovely few hours doing the hand quilting and binding on this little one over the weekend (13" square). It's actually a slightly variegated indigo/navy, left over from a previous project, but it's very hard to capture the colour day or night. The quilting was a little challenging because I put very very light interfacing behind the white so no blue would show, and it made it harder work with the needle through. Luckily no one will look at the back!


I'm very happy with how my mini wall is looking.

A happy sewing start to the working week!
Susan x

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Chookshed birthday

I'm joining in for a weekend of virtual sewing to celebrate the Chookshed's fourth birthday. And what a beautiful cold, rainy weekend it is. 

I've been doing a bit of knitting lately.......two beanies, one too big and one too more go before I give up!
After seeing a very similar large size quilt on the cover of Quilters Companion I thought it was time this little mini was quilted. I'm so tempted to make a full scale one in just navy and white. Yes the blue pen will wash out. I have heard some horror stories but it always washes out for me.


Still going on Doing The Rounds. Lots and lots of circles to applique. Just have to decide what to put in those spaces either side of the main flower......

Hope you're having a wonderful sewing weekend too.
Susan x

Monday, 23 May 2016

Doing The Rounds and knitting

I'm trying Doing The Rounds as the name for my quilt. I am enjoying working on it so much. I can't wait til it's finished, but at the same time don't want it to end. The corners are coming together, I spent a lovely afternoon sewing circles in the Autumn sunshine yesterday.



I haven't braved the sock wool yet, but my cowl from the last post is finished. I also side tracked to make this little baby beanie for a work colleagues baby. I've never knitted a beanie, or used double pointed needles, and this was finished in less than two evenings. You can learn ANYTHING on YouTube! It's not perfect, but it is made with love and I could really feel the brain cells firing as I worked out how to use four needles at once. Now I've got a beanie started for one of my boys.....if only there were more hours in the day. 

The pattern was a free Ravelry download from LoveFibres or you can visit Julie's Etsy store here. I noticed she has a pattern for adorable bootees that look like gum boots if you're interested.......

I have an unexpected couple of days off so I'm going to race through all my housework so I can get back to my sewing and knitting!

Happy creating,
Susan x

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Catching up

Catching Up is becoming a regular post heading on my blog. I've been working more than usual which leaves less time for sewing, but it's interesting and challenging work, so not a bad thing. I did however make time for a sewing day in Muswellbrook with the Cassilis quilters. No photos of the girls or our projects, but an absolutely delightful setting in the garden. Thank you Lea.

I have started my annual knit, another cowl in the same pattern as last year. It's actually a very pretty light blue but the lighting isn't playing along today.   I am learning to give in to my knitting instinct at the beginning of each winter, although it has gotten out of control this year. I bought some sock wool at the weekend to try knitting I need another slow project to work on!

I thought this would be my first Mother's Day without my eldest son, but my wonderful husband secretly organised for Mr 19 to catch the train and meet us in the Blue Mountains for lunch. What a great day out with my favourite people.

Hope you find some spare moments to sew today.
Susan x

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