Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter. I hope everyone has enjoyed a day of family, friends and chocolate.

We have spent the morning finalising our packing for our New Zealand holiday tomorrow. Nanna and Pop have kindly arrived to house-sit, and we are so organised it's scary.

I'm taking a couple of stitcheries - just in case - and even managed to sneak in an early start on one of them today. It's the bag from Some Kind of Wonderful. Not sure about the dark thread, but we'll see when it's finished.

The laptop is staying at home - and the family is wondering how I'll cope for two weeks. But I am travelling with a teenager, so I'm sure we will find the occasional internet cafe.

See you in two weeks.

Susan x


  1. Have a great holiday!
    My husband bought me a HTC Sensation phone. It's sort of like a pocket laptop if I need a desperate blog /e-mail hit.

  2. Have a fantastic holiday Susan...keep safe...

  3. Have a great holiday-weather looks great!

  4. Have a wonderful time - wish I was going too.

  5. Hope you all enjoyed your Easter. Wishing you a safe and enjoyable trip.

  6. Have a great holiday! Glad you managed to 'squeeze' in some stitching and looking forward to a book review when you return!


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