Friday, 1 March 2013

Another birthday and FNWF

It's a busy week at our house. Happy birthday Daniel......14 today.

After all the birthday cake is eaten I will be joining FNWF. I'm working on finishing the quilting for In Full Bloom, hoping to have it ready for GDITC. Pop over to Cheryl's blog to sign up.

Hope you have a good weekend. We will be taking Mr 16 for his first drive out on the road as he got his learners licence yesterday.

Susan x


  1. Good luck with your learner driver

  2. both boys baby pics are so cute. Time flies doesn't it.
    Have fun with the driving on the weekend. It's an experience....
    it is nice to get chauffeurred around by learners once they get a bit of driving up their sleeves..

  3. happy birthday Daniel,have a awesome day.xx

  4. HaPPy BirTHDaY Daniel... and good luck working on your quilt tonight! I'll be there at GDITC so I'll get to see it in person...yippee! :)

  5. Happy birthday to another birthday boy. Look forward to sewing with you tonight.

  6. Good luck with driving on the roads, might need to have the wine on hand for afterwards!

  7. Happy birthday to another little (now big) cutie! Don't wear out that new sewing room...I'm stitching curtains tonight..does that count? Xx

  8. Another birthday, yay, more cake. Best of luck with the diving lessons xx

  9. Happy birthday to your 2 boys Susan....times sure flies doesn't it! Your sewing room is getting there YAY...and I LOVE the view from your window!

  10. Sounds busy...2 birthdays in a week.
    Doing well with all your projects too. Love the hexie purse. Well done!

  11. Hi Susan,
    Good luck with Mr 16 and the driving. I am just
    about to start that for a second time!! Purchased
    a new car for Mr 15 yesterday now where are all the
    boys that live in this house?.....all down the back
    yard washing it and talking car stuff. Oh well, peaceful
    here inside!! lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  12. Happy Birthday Daniel and have fun with your new driver :)
    Tip: copy the blank pages and leave in the car on a clip board then transfer to the book weekly :)
    If anything ever happens to the book, you have another copy.

  13. Another little cutie Susan.


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