Monday, 10 June 2013


FNWF wasn't quite as productive as I hoped, but it was good to get back to my hand quilting for a while. I'm hoping to finish quilting my nephews quilt today because it's a lovely rainy public holiday.

Yesterday we went bush walking at Newnes in the Blue Mountains. It's part of the Wollemi National Park, and there are lots of ruins from the old shale oil refinery. It was a lovely day out.

I also finished my nine patches for June. I really liked these two fabrics when I bought them, but not so sure now that they're made up. I guess that's the beauty of a scrappy swap.

Back later with the winners of my giveaway.

Susan x


  1. looks like the bush is reclaiming the site.
    I think your blocks look great. A very pretty blue with the shirting.

  2. love the bush and i do like you 9 patch blocks.xx

  3. Cant wait to see the end result od all these 9 patch blocks,

  4. I have missed so many of your lovely posts. Your nephew's quilt is looking wonderful and I love the other projects you are working on. Nice to see where you sew at lunch time too!

  5. I love the blocks, they look great.....enjoy your quilting

  6. the blocks look fine Susan.........

  7. I think your nine patches are sweet, sure they will look fine once in the quilt. The bush walking looks very scenic and a lovely way to spend a long weekend.

  8. so nice to get a day out.. those ruins look like a perfect place for photographing quilts???? love your 9 patches... such a pretty blue colour

  9. What a great day out! Love your nine patches, cant wait till we are all finished, we are going to own some beautiful quilts!


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