Saturday, 6 June 2015

FNWF uh-oh

So I got quite a bit done last night. And spent a lot of time seeing what everyone else was up to! Thank you Cheryll for hosting.

But I have just realised I may have made a beginners mistake with my knitting in the round. I have started knitting my cowl but there is a couple of twists in it, which seem to be getting more pronounced. Please help if you have any knitting knowledge........should I undo or carry on? Will this twist be a problem to knit, and will the cowl wear ok? I won't do another stitch until I get some expert opinions!

Susan x


  1. Love your applique sorry can't help with the knitting.

  2. Dear Susan,
    the applique looks so pretty and for the knitting, I think you have to undo it, because it will not straighten itself out. Sorry for the bad news. This happend to me with the Norwegen Sweather I made for my partner, and as you can see, even with undoing the beginning part it still got finished. There is light at the end of the tunnel and it will not be a train.

  3. Your applique looks lovely. Cannot help with your cowl as I am a terrible knitter...hope it works out x

  4. Nice wee applique... Sorry not a knitter..

  5. Very cute birdie :)
    Sorry but with my knitting, if I drop a stitch I'm done for!

  6. So you did get a few things done, can't help you with the knitting either :(

  7. No comment on the knitting.. but I love the birdie ...take care

  8. Good luck with the knitting. I love the bird appliqué .


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