Wednesday, 16 May 2012


My clamshells from GDITC have been making me feel guilty. I had finished the paper piecing, but really wasn't sure about the sewing roll project. I try not to have too many UFO's, and I'd paid for the kit, so thought I might as well try to finish it. Some of the instructions left me baffled, but it's coming together.

I didn't use the linen for the ends because it was so bulky, and if you're going to use the magnetic clasp i found it easier to put it in earlier than the instructions say.

Cold and frosty again today - I love Autumn.

Susan x


  1. I had read that this project is a bit Tricky so that was My Excuse to turn mine into something
    Your is coming along Nicely..

  2. Good morning Susan, I was very impressed with your grasp of technology with your last post. Similarly impressed with the stitching, lovely work and very cute fabric.
    Your sewing roll looks great. You will enjoy it when it is finished and you never have to make another one if you don't want to.

  3. looking great so far...........your persistence will pay off........

  4. It looks lovely Susan. I really love the fabrics you have. I struggled getting mine together too and now that it is together I am not sure about the clasp either. It will be done before you know it now.

  5. Well done, tis looking like the fabric :)
    Sadly, I havent touched my clamshells.....but want too :)


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