Wednesday, 13 June 2012

In Full Bloom and off to Sydney

I love this latest block from In Full Bloom. I think Lynette's dog Hugo was probably the model.

I finished it today whilst watching Mr 15 compete at cross country in Wellington. He came second in his race which means he goes to State next month. I'm very proud of him, but really not sure where the athletic gene came from.

Only two more sleeps (more like 1.5 since I'm getting up so early Friday) until I head off to the craft show in Sydney. Picking up Deb and Kate along the way for a day that will be full of fun, friends and shopping. I can hardly wait for the Blog Meet at lunchtime, I think it will be a highlight - my camera is charged and ready.

Will be back to tell you all about it on the weekend.

Susan x


  1. woohoo..........bags are packed I am off to bed........see you Friday.......

  2. how excitement!!!! See you friday!

  3. Yay Susans son!! full bloom is cute, but loving the secret garden fabric more shhhh
    See you in the morning bright and early!!! oops really early lol!!!!

  4. Only one ,ore sleep now!!!!! See you in the morning....xo

  5. Looking GREAT Susan. Have a great weekend. Look forward to seeing all the photos :)

  6. Yes it is very cute and you have done a great job. Have a wonderful time, will be with you in spirit.

  7. Have a wonderful time in Sydney tomorrow. I'll think of you getting up in the early hours. Say "Hi" to everyone for me. I wonder if you bring home any treasures?


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