Monday, 18 June 2012

Just a little more.....

One of the main things on my Sydney shopping list was something to inspire a quilt for my nephews 18th next year. Fabric, a pattern, a picture, anything that would get me started. I had just about given up hope, but after going back to BeBeBold a number of times, I decided I could do something with this Kofu roll. It did come with a pattern, but I think I'll wait until I unroll it and see how it looks. Will still need to get border fabric, but that can wait for now. I made his brother a quilt using Japanese indigos, and I think they are really good for a masculine quilt. Hopefully this one will work out too.

Susan x


  1. Great choice for a young man.

  2. I've never seen those before looks gorgeous...I'm loving some of the Japanese products...

    (I've just done a post with your gorgeous bag in it...I think I'm going to have to make myself one)

  3. lovely Susan,gorgeous colour.xx


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