Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Not a lot happening

Things are very quiet in blogland. And I really don't have much to tell myself. I love this little box that my friend Ann-Marie gave me for my birthday, complete with some Valdani thread and shell buttons.

I have been a fan of Kate Knapp's quirky sketches for a long time, and have quite a few of her books. This one is from a set of little cards.

Sorry to rub it in, but it's Friday for me today, so hopefully I'll have some sewing to post in the next couple of days. Maybe some little hexies sewn together...........

Susan x


  1. I love that card. Have fun with your early friday :)

  2. Lucky you to get 3 Fridays in a row in one week ..... enjoy! :-)
    Love your cute birthday gift....

  3. have fun sewing and i also love the box from your friend its a lovely idea.xx

  4. What a sweet little box. The card makes me chuckle.

  5. Lovely gift. That card make me laugh.

  6. What a gorgeous box Susan...and how handy too! Have fun on your Friday!

  7. Oh I love that card.... why don't you stitch it? great humour.... enjoy your extra Friday...

  8. Love the card and your cute white box...

  9. I like these little cards too :) Very funny. *Thanks God it's Friday*

  10. Very cute card - made me smile


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