Friday, 24 August 2012


The problem with being a hand quilter is that there is always a quilt top waiting to be worked on. I am continuing my French General love affair, so thought I should pull out the top I made with precuts and get on with quilting it. Just quilting around the appliqué and along the borders, so it shouldn't take too long.

I finished the birdbath block of In Full Bloom. The last month has arrived, so only a couple more stitcheries to do before putting it all together.

Off to make some biscuits and caramel slice, then I'm going to ignore some pesky house jobs, and sew for the afternoon.

Hope you're having a lovely day, and keeping cool or warm, depending on where you are.

Susan x


  1. Know the feeling Susan. I love French General.....I have fabric in that range too just waiting for me. Yum! Very cute stitchery.

  2. Me too French General soo gorgeous!! Im with you , ignore the pesky chores and sew sew SEW! Enjoy your afternoon x

  3. beautiful FG quilt ...
    enjoy your afternoon of stitching :-)
    Happy stithcing, P

  4. Your stitching is beautiful!! Hope you enjoyed your afternoon.

  5. i also love french general Susan,hope you get to spend your day sewing,love your work you are so neat,its lovely,well done.xx

  6. your French General quilting looks beautiful. Your stitches look so tiny and straight not to mention your applique! Love it.
    Your full bloom block is gorgeous too. Enjoy your afternoon stitching!

  7. Oh Susan the French General is gorgeous! Lovely block too...mmmm, baking and then sewing for the afternoon...can't get much better than that! Enjoy xoxo

  8. Your French general quilt looks interesting, can we see more????

    Love your little stitchery so cute

  9. Freat selection of fabrics. French General seems one of those labels that crosses all styles of fabric designs and is universally loved. You have chosen a lovely pattern to showcase the fabrics. I agree with Marina, wonderful little stitching.

  10. It is absolutely beautiful Susan. Your applique stitches are amazing, how do you get them to be invisible? I have temporarily given up on needleturn as I was making such a mess of it. Your quilting is looking wonderful too....

  11. I hope you had a lovely afternoon stitching. Much better than housework. Beautiful work as usual - such tiny even stitches.

  12. oh your quilting is beautiful! I wish I could hand quilt....but then I know it would never get done LOL

  13. Your stitching is so beautiful.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  14. The jobs will always be both projects Susan, gorgeous...enjoy the cooking...

  15. Bird stitching is so cute, and French General is one of my favourite collections - good luck with quilting!


  16. Your quilt and quilting looks beautiful, and I love the Full Bloom pattern, I am so tempted with that one! Sounds like a yummy afternoon tea at your place.

  17. Your quilt and stitching are beautiful. I love having hand work around.

  18. Very pretty and you have been busy.
    Last weekend we were trying to stay warm ... this weekend we're looking for a cool breeze.

  19. Love French General and your stitching too

  20. Absolutely gorgeous Susan ... I think I'm in love with French General too!!! I have it bad!! Beautiful quilting on your quilt and love the little hexies ... I'm onto that project next!! Can't wait! Hope you enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of stitching!! xx

  21. More gorgeous stitching and I adore you French General fabrics.

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