Sunday, 25 September 2011

Long term project

I love to have a great big project on the go that lasts for years. I hand pieced this quilt over about 18 months and it has been sitting waiting for some hand quilting inspiration for another 12. After a chat with Dawnie today I thought I'd better get on with it, so spent most of the afternoon on hands and knees pin basting it. I think i may have zoned out when piecing the squares - it has ended up a monstrous 240cm square. I expect the hand quilting might take a long time.


  1. That is a large quilt- hope the knees aren't too sore from all the pinning- it will all be worth it when it is finished...

  2. lovely quilt....I have just started a big EPP project.........

  3. That will be amazing when you finish it..

  4. this will look fabulous when it is quilted - particularly on the light squares - cant wait to see how it looks


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