Friday, 16 September 2011

Love Fridays....

What a beautiful spring day to spend stitching in the sunshine (even with the saws and hammers in the background).

I've made a start on the next month of In My Garden. Snails are pesky in the garden AND in applique.

I don't care much for the leeks either, but the block itself looks really good - just wanted to get the least interesting bits done first.

And while I wait for my floss, I thought I should make a start on this wall hanging I bought at Darling Harbour in June. It's called Deck the Halls by The Birdhouse. Gotta love stitching in one colour - extremely portable.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, with a chance to enjoy some sunshine and some stitching.


  1. it was glorious outside today...........well if it can't rain it most well be nice...........

  2. I just love your spot for stitching... Can't wait to see how your projects turn out..

  3. What a wonderful way to spend the day...looks really relaxing in the spot you have chosen

  4. Love your snails and the "Leeks" look good to. I thought they were Catus?? Am trying to leave a comment again - hopefully this will work. Dawnie

  5. What away to spend a Friday, your work is gorgeous Susan.


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