Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Needlebook finished!

I have finished my needlebook from Some Kind of Wonderful. I love it. I'm happy with the colours and the size. I think I will actually use this one instead of just keeping it to look at!

Making the blanket stitch loop was a bit fiddly, but otherwise it was an enjoyable little project. How good is Anni's red fabric in the background?

Unfortunately the sewing case is on hold waiting for the backorder of thread.


  1. It's Lovely Pretty Fabrics...

  2. Looks lovely Susan....I have just traced the pincushion myself....But need a trip to bathurst to get the thread....

  3. That's gorgeous Susan.. great idea to use it, then you get to see it every day...

  4. lovely stitchery case........must trace mine off.........

  5. oh just love this - it will have to be on the "to do list" - you have done a fabulous job.


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