Sunday, 20 November 2011

Macaroon Madness

We have been fans of Master Chef for a while, and particularly love Adriano Zumbo. We have tried his macaroons and they are so yummy. Some clever local ladies even sell them at the Farmers Market. Master 10 has been wanting to try making them for ages and today was the day, and wow, they worked!!!

On the stitching front I have finished my mini stocking. This one is for my neice and will hold her little gift perfectly. It was so quick to do that I'm thinking of making them as gift tags ..... then they can be reused as decorations next year.

The bigger stocking is almost done too.

Sitting here looking at the low clouds and drizzling rain, after a fun family weekend, with some stitching thrown in, I just don't think it gets much better. Hope your weekend was fantastic too.

Susan x 


  1. Boy is my mouth watering! Lol! The little stocking is so cute!!

  2. Gorgeous stocking...macaroons look delish!

  3. Those macaroons look sooo nice. Love the little stocking and a great idea for gift tags.

  4. I've always thought those macaroons look really difficult to make.
    Yours look exactly like the ones you see in the French patisserie's!
    Your little stocking is adorable.


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