Friday, 25 November 2011


Yet another cold, wet day here - but no complaining from me. I went to Bathurst on Tuesday, and made the obligatory visit to the Home Patch. Only a small purchase this time ..... trying to be good for Santa and all that. The red crackle fabric is a glorious shade.

This jelly roll of Rounierres has been sitting in front of me for quite a few months. I bought it and the squares planning to make the Chelsea charm quilt, but it is so lovely to look at that I can't bear to cut it open. I was going to start today but I think I'll leave it a little longer.

The cool weather has made me get out my hand quilting. 21 blocks done, and only 235 to go. It might be a while.......

I have been smitten by the Irish Circles quilt that a few bloggers are working on, so am trying to track down the pattern. Patchwork on Stonleigh used to have it but they have sadly closed. If you have any ideas please help this lover of hand piecing find her new project.....

TGIF, and here's to a great weekend.
Susan x


  1. Love all your progress...was Irish Circles by karen Cunningham?

  2. Your quilt is looking stunning, it will be a real heirloom with your hand quilting.

  3. Hi Susan,
    I wished I lived closer, you could give me hand quilting lessons...I'm not very good! I just love your quilt..


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