Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Naughty or Nice??????

This little wall hanging from Anni Downs book 'A Christmas Story' causes quite a lot of trouble as our names get swapped back and forth between naughty and nice all December. Of course I am always on the nice side........ hehe....well, mostly.

Sent my SSCS last week and now the wait begins. Very exciting.

Susan x


  1. Hi Susan...I have one of these that I made last year and the same thing happens in our house....lol...It is in the Xmas boxes with all my other goodies...I hope to pull them down from the ledge in the shed tonight ....X

  2. I like that wall hanging. ay have to add that one to next years list :o)

  3. Hi Susan
    this one is on my to do list before chrissy... tis soo cute!!

  4. i love this,well done and i am glad you are always on the good side,lol

  5. That is really lovely Susan...would make a lovely present..


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