Saturday, 3 March 2012


I was very good yesterday and turned my Hug n Kisses stitchery into the candle mat as per the pattern. I enjoyed the stitchery design, but I think it would better finished round rather than scalloped. Now I can say that I have started getting ready for Christmas!

I learned how to put a stem stitch edge around the appliqued stitchery - it makes a nice finish.

The rain has slowed for now, but very soggy underfoot. DH even felt the need to light the fire today!
Boys, pizzas and movies tonight for Mr. 13's birthday. Maybe I can sneak away and sew.

Susan x 


  1. That looks lovely. Im off to tell DH that I am not the only one that wants the fire lit!

  2. A beautiful candle mat.
    Stay dry and enjoy your evening :)

  3. That looks great Susan :) I hope you managed to sneak away and do a little more stitching - it was the perfect weather for it.

  4. It looks great Susan, You could play around with lots of different edges and it would still look lovely. THe stem stitch edging is simple but does finish a project off very nicely doesn't it?

  5. Hi Susan,
    Love the candle mat, the stitchery is cute. Um....good luck with sneaking off to do some sewing!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. Wow Susan that is just gorgeous..I think I need to go pattern buying....thank you...

  7. Lovely stitching and I like the stem stitch edge you did..hope the party went well...

  8. Just lovely Susan. Looking forward to meeting you in Nundle. xxx


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