Thursday, 1 March 2012


I received the retreat info for GDITC this week. Soooo looking forward to the break, and the chance to meet so many like-minded crafters. I am attempting the paper pieced swap gift - I think it's meant to be a secret, so just a peek.

It's only a small project, but it took a long time to choose the fabric. I hope I get some tips for fussy cutting at GDITC.

This has been my 'waiting in the car' stitchery this term. Hopefully I will finish it off and not just roll it up with the others.

The rain has arrived here tonight - normally we can see all the way into town 15km away - tonight visibility is about 200m.

Happy Birthday to Son No.2 - 13 today - my how time flies.

Time for cake!

Susan x


  1. Ohhhh got my letter today too !!! Yay!!!! BUT my project is different to yours...I think mines a tad tricky lol...its a shape I havent used before!
    Cant wait to meet you and sew sew sew :)

  2. Not long to go now. Good to see you are preparing your gift. I would be sitting back thinking that I still have heaps of time and then then spend the last few days rushing and stressing. Pretty stitchery and the paper piecing looks good from the back and I suspect much better from the front. Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy.

  3. my brain dead head might ened a challenge tonight I should work on my piecing.........


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