Sunday, 18 March 2012

FNSI Update

I had a very successful FNSI, and finished off the quilting of In My Garden yesterday. If all goes well, I will put the binding on today and post a pic tonight.

I had decided not to make any more stitchery based quilts for a while........until about 2 months ago when I saw the sample for Lynette Andersons In Full Bloom at The Homepatch. Well, it's only small, and I wanted a new BOM, and the stitcheries are really cute.........and before you know it I had signed up and the first month arrived this week (it's really hard to be strong while you're in the shop).

I wasn't expecting it to start for a while yet, so it was a nice Friday afternoon surprise.

Apparently it's National Quilting Day today. Hope you get the chance to celebrate. As for me, I really need to do some mowing and gardening........and maybe sneak back into the sewing room later.

Susan x


  1. Love the colours of this quilt, but I do love stitcheries! Can't wait to see your finished quilt.

  2. Well Done on a Finish your Quilt is Lovely...
    Lynette's new one is Lovely Too know what you mean about

  3. I love the colors on your new project and am looking forward to seeing your finished In My Garden :o)

  4. I'm in love!!! your quilt is amazing. Love the stitching, the colors, the fabrics, everything. Great FNSI.

  5. I am sitting on my hands and trying to type as well. Sooooo tempting, I would love seeing one of these sweet packages every month. Might just have to watch you have all the fun. A project is only a phone call and credit card away. How easy is that?

  6. This is such a gorgeous quilt - it was a toss up for me between this one and the button one.


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