Monday, 24 September 2012

Melbourne part 2

While I was in Melbourne I finally remembered to take a photo of the Celtic quilt I made for my sister and her husband way back in 2002/03. I think it still looks pretty good.

Joanne had a lovely range of fabrics at Tranquility, and I just couldn't leave without this little bundle of shirtings.........and a secret fat quarter. The beautiful red is from Elyte - thank you.

School holidays start today and the boys are giving it their best - all still in bed. The weather is just beautiful so I think I will be heading outside to the garden......oh, and catching up on all the washing!

Have a great week.

Susan x


  1. the quilt is gorgeous Susan,love your buys and the red from Elyte,have fun in the garden.xx

  2. Your Celtic quilt is lovely! Enjoy the holidays!!

  3. I love your celtic quilt... so effective with the floral knot fabric... nice shirting fabrics... what are you making...

  4. The Celtic Quilt is so beautiful.

    Greetings Manuela

  5. I think your Celtic Quilt looks good too is stunning! Lovely fabrics too...such soft colours!

  6. So glad you had a great time & that your home safe x

  7. Your quilt is lovely Susan and your trip looked like just the sort of girl time that is so wonderful every now and then.

  8. That quilt makes a beautiful display. Looks like it is very much appreciated by it's owners. I have that knot fabric sitting next to me as I write.

  9. It really does look pretty good, beautiful in fact!


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