Friday, 14 September 2012

Secret shopping

I may not have a local patchwork shop, but it makes me REALLY happy that the closest one is the Home Patch. I was in Bathurst today visiting Mum and Dad, and of course I had to pop in to the Home Patch. Unfortunately, this is all I can show you.

Not very exciting I know, but the other secret bits and pieces are! Feeling pretty pleased with myself that I am ready to start my decoration and gift for SSCS. I will ignore any doubtful thoughts.
It was lovely sitting in the sun with Dad today, nearly fell asleep on my stitching! I am looking forward to my last satin stitch flower.

Hope you enjoy a sunny, relaxed weekend.

Susan x


  1. wish we had the sun today Susan we have the cold wet weather back again.xx

  2. glorious weather here today also... visiting patchwork shops are the best... enjoy SSCS ... I did it last year but not this year as I am going away -- such fun...

  3. Very envious of your visit to home Patch. You really do such lovely stitching.

  4. Nearly falling asleep in the sun sounds perfect to me Susan...Mmmm, wonder what you are making there...the red thread contrasts beautifully with the fabric...Hope you are having some sunshine today xo

  5. Sounds like a perfect day. I can't get to home patch :( but have a "little" order comming in the mail next week :) hurry up postie!

  6. Cute stitchery, sewing in the sunshine is a fav for me at the moment, enjoy your weekend x

  7. Darn I was in Bathurst that day too...........very sudden trip.......good to hear the SSCS is in the plans..........


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