Saturday, 8 September 2012

Post Office Patchwork

I have wanted to visit Post Office Patchwork for a long time, and yesterday was the day. It didn't disappoint. Lots of lovely reproduction fabrics and excellent, friendly service. I was on my way to Sydney with Mr 15 for athletics so didn't have a lot of time. Still, it's amazing what you can do in 15 minutes!

Hmmmm...... the light isn't good for photos here in my "luxury suite" at the Formula One. Quite out of my comfort zone with grey, blue and black, but I think they will make a good quilt for my nephew. Don't ask about the Japanese Kofu roll I bought for that project at the Sydney craft show. Let's just say it's not happening.
Back to the shop....... I was served by the lovely Rhonda Pearce who made the Insanity quilt from 1/2" hexagons. The quilt was hanging on the wall - I didn't touch it in case I caught even more of the hexie bug. Stunning is an understatement. I got this pic from the APQ website.

I also saw the beginnings of Rhonda's Dear Jane. It is a project I have thought about starting since I bought the book a couple of years ago, but I always get stuck on what fabric to use. It was good to talk to someone who is just working on it as it comes, rather than planning out fabrics and colours for the whole quilt. Maybe........
On another shopping note, we went to the DFO at Homebush last night. Lots of great bargains, Mr 15 is kitted out for summer and I bought a complete set of beautiful Sheridan bed linen at 50% off - no bargains like that in Mudgee.
Have a great weekend.

Susan x


  1. great shopping Susan... I am also trying to avoid the hexie bug... I hear it is all consuming!!

  2. what a gorgeous quilt and great boy colours for your nephew and what great buys you got,sounds like you are having a lot of fun.xx

  3. Lovely fabric choices and wow that quilt is amazing

  4. Nothing wrong with catching the hexie bug, it doesn't affect you too much, well there is the twitching, obsessive behaviour, insomnia dreaming about fabrics and fussy cutting, sore finger from the needle, rsi from trimming and basting.....Not many negatives at all really.
    Didn't realise they were 1/2 inch hexies! Excellent. lol

  5. what a beautiful hexi quilt ... yes, hexies are addictive big or little :-)
    exciting shopping ... just love a bargin :-)
    Happy stitching, P

  6. Good time management there Susan, lots done in a short space of time. Rhonda's work is a masterpiece.

  7. That quilt is amazing. You're so lucky to see it up close. Love the fabrics you got... and your bargains! Well done!

  8. Great shopping Susan! Great purchases!! I miss DFO used to be a local haunt lol

  9. Glad you have successful shopping in the patchwork shop and at DFO!
    I haven't been to the Post Office shop, must go there sometimes....usually in a hurry when going past or they are not open LOL

  10. Now that's one place I didn't get to Susan seeing I lived in a 'Post Office'! Sometimes I find that 'winging it' on a project (especially if there are a lot of fabrics to use) I find it much easier than planning it all out. I am doing this with Gardener's Journal and it's working beautifully. I put all the maybe fabrics in a box and worked from there.


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