Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Back to the Sewing Case

Yay!! The stone floss arrived from the Home Patch today, so I can finish the stitcheries on the Some Kind of Wonderful sewing case.

We have had two little chicks hatch this week. They are VERY hard to take photos of. This little girl has two mother hens taking care of her and they weren't very impressed with the camera at all.

It is a glorious Spring day here. Everything is turning green so quickly after the rain last week.


  1. The stone floss will be perfect as the DMCs hues are not quite the same am sure it will look great scary however de je vu again!

  2. Have fun with it Susan....Mine is on it's way to my mail box also....Hugs Kate....

  3. Happy stitching on your sewing case. Your little chick is so sweet!

  4. Beautiful photos... I miss not having little chickens and ducklings.. maybe one day!


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