Saturday, 15 October 2011

Garden Sculpture

We have had a gorgeous (but wet) morning out at a local property looking at some wonderful garden sculptures. It was all to raise money for the Guide Dogs. There were some amazing and inspiring works.

These pears made from horse shoes by Al Phemister were amazing.


My boys hamming it up for a photo to send to Dad. Hammer by Tig Crowley.

This one was really popular - maybe we all know how he feels.
 That Was a Good Drop, by Ludwig Mlcek.

No buying of sculptures, but I did get these roses and delphiniums at the garden stall - beautiful and for a good cause.

Have a lovely weekend.

Susan xx

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  1. That's one huge hammer! Beautiful flowers. I love to smell roses, and also lilacs and gardenias...and many others. Nature provides us with so much beauty.


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