Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Computer dramas

Hmmm----- having some computer dramas here and the expert (read husband) is off to Phillip Island to the GP for a week. Thank goodness for his work laptop which he has kindly set up for me to use - it would be a long week without any internet.

I have been working on my BOm and christmas stitchery, and secret santa things.

Mushrooms and lettuce.


  1. You are nearly there with the stitching...just wondering what you have backed the stitchery with....

  2. Love the cute Christmas stitchery Susan and the mushrooms and lettuce are gorgeous, so neat and soooo small.

  3. Sounds good. I have some Christmas sewing I need to do and haven't started yet ...

  4. Love the mushrooms! Your stitchery is looking great too!

  5. Lovely stitchery!
    Hope your computer issues are sorted soon ... computers can be so frustrating :(


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