Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Stockings

I am still going with my little Christmas stockings for gift tags/decorations. I don't think I'll make them up as actual stockings because they are very small and fiddly..... will just make them flat as decoration. I've become a bit obsessed with keeping my stem stitch perfectly neat.......

This succulent has been in my garden for quite a few years, but this week is the first time it's flowered for me. (I'm not much of a gardener, it's probably something really common).

I spent some time decorating today and want to share one of my most-used Christmas patterns. Of course it's from Hatched & Patched........... called A Little Bit of Christmas, it has small decorations, stockings and this cute swag. I think I have given these stitcheries to everyone I know in one form or another.

Having a whirlwind trip to Newcastle for a Christmas party tomorrow so there won't be much stitching this weekend. Hope yours is fun filled.

Susan x


  1. Great stitching... I am heading to Newcastle today to shop...have a safe journey!

  2. I love your Christmas swag, it's gorgeous, and the wall hanging in the previous post is very cute.


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