Sunday, 11 December 2011

Button Cookies

What else to do on a wet Sunday afternoon than cook and sew? I found these simple little cookies at Red Brolly. Yummy, cute and easy.

I have finished my stocking tags..........

........ and put them on their gifts.

Still a few gifts to get, but mostly organised for Christmas. Yay!! Spent yesterday on the mower and whippersnipper, so the garden looks somewhat respectable. I think I've had my fill of Christmas sewing because I keep thinking of all the other projects that are waiting for attention. And it's still cool enough to be quilting.

Be good, it's only 14 more sleeps!

Susan x


  1. It looks like you're all ready for Santa to visit! Those cookies are so cute.

  2. I saw those cookies too, now I've seen yours I might have to try have been busy...hope you get time to do some of your other stitching too..

  3. Those button biccies are so cool! Will have to try them out...
    I love your stocking tags, they look like a lot of stitching in each one, well done, they are gorgeous.


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