Tuesday, 13 December 2011

It's here, I'ts here!!!

Santa has been and delivered a secret parcel all the way from Norway. It was hard to contain my excitement in the crowded PO this morning. And when I opened it there are five beautifully wrapped gifts, with opening instructions in the card.

My Secret Santa has not divulged her identity, but she has taken pity on me and given numbered instructions to open the gifts, one every few days. Today was number 1 - a beautiful pieced and beaded star. She has obviously been doing her homework, because I would have chosen the fabrics myself. I love it, thankyou so much.

I was also relieved to hear that my partner in Canada had received her gift. Chookyblue, you are helping spread Christmas spirit all over the world - thankyou.

Hope you are having a great day too.

Susan x


  1. Yahoo...that is great news to hear that it has arrived...mine arrived yesterday....isn't it exciting but oh so tempting... can't open the wrong one...

  2. Hohoho, Secret Santa here!

    I'm happy to see your gift has arrived! And that you like it, so far! Hope you'll enjoy the rest!

    Greetings from up North!

  3. what a beautiful ornament from a very sneaky Santa..........enjoy..........


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