Friday, 9 December 2011

Friday Fun

Today I am going to cook and clean like a demon all morning, so I can sit down and FINISH something this afternoon! My attempts at joining the Friday Night Stitch In have been foiled again - but for a happy reason! My three boys have all received awards at their end of year presentations, so we are going out for dinner to celebrate. I'm so proud of them.

These stocking tags WILL be finished so I can wrap and send the gifts.

These two little Hatched & Patched chocolate boxes WILL be finished and filled with chocolates for two wonderful teachers. And hopefully the big stocking will be in better shape by the time I send it to my sister for Christmas (I may have to use the one I made for myself a few weeks ago).

And no pressure, but hopefully postie WILL bring my SSCS. The wait is killing me.

Have a great weekend.

Susan x


  1. It's always a busy time in you I am haunting the letterbox, hoping.....surely it can't be too far away...there have been some lovely things appearing on other blogs

  2. Sounds like a well planned day Susan.....Have fun....I am hoping to finish my Christmas Shopping today!!!!

  3. I hope it's all gone to plan. Have a lovely dinner with your family, and well done to your boys!

  4. All your sewing projects are looking wonderful. Well done to your boys!


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