Saturday, 14 July 2012

Thank you

Thanks for all the ideas of how to salvage my stitchery. I have tried a couple, but the running is still visible. My last attempt will be today using natural yogurt - i'll let you know how i go. Hubby thinks it's just extra artistic effect, but I know I won't enjoy looking at it. It's only a quick stitchery so I'll just re-do it and be more wary of red thread in future. This is how my TTS looks so far. I think it will definitely need a nice red border to lift the colours.

I need to get going with In Full Bloom. Month 5 arrived yesterday and I haven't finished last month. This one is called Watering Girl.

I am still slowly working on hand quilting my stars quilt. I have 54 squares left, so have set myself the challenge of doing at least 2 a day so I should be finished in a month or so. I have so many little bits and pieces on the go that I am really looking forward to a big finish.

Hubby has gone to the Mudgee Small Farm Field Days today to look at tractors. The equivalent of quite a lot of fat quarters if you ask me!

Have a great weekend.

Susan x


  1. Looking great Susan !! How frustrating is it when the red thread runs??? Has happened to me only once with a different thread so I'm better off if I stick to DMC's now I think! Your stitchery looks lovely too! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Susan i love the fabrics that you have used and yes i can see it with a red border,have a great weekend.xx

  3. Glad to see you also have several projects on at a time... those are all lovely ... I think I am inlove with the In Full Bloom one...

  4. your tts looks lovely. Love the fabrics and your full bloom is in lovely fabrics too.
    the stitching is gorgeous!

  5. Both projects are just so lovely Susan...

  6. I hope you fix the thread run with the yoghurt!
    I love the colours you have used for your TTS.

  7. I was at Mudgee field day today..You could get a LOT of fat quarters for a tractor!!

  8. In Full bloom looks lovely. Hope you enjoyed the field day

  9. Fingers crossed you got the run dye out! TTS is looking soo good too!..I saw some reprod fabrics on FQS today 100 for $199....I think you could buy a few of those when he gets the tractor lol

  10. I think a red border will look stunning Susan on this quilt...Doing 2 a day is a great idea and will see this finished in no time!


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