Friday, 6 January 2012

Chelsea Charm

So much for working on UFO's - I finally opened my jelly roll of Rouenneries this week instead. I am using it to make Chelsea Charm, a quilt by Robyn Falloon that was in APQ.

Using charm squares and a jelly roll is a bit like cheating, but so much fun.

And now I have a lovely basket of needleturn applique to do.

I also used this pattern with Garden Party fabrics to make a quilt for Mum's 80th in 2010.

And now that the weather has warmed up, I've been taking my stitching outside to keep an eye on my boys, camping and swimming in the 'backyard'.

Hope you get a chance to sew today.
Susan x


  1. Love that pattern, is it in an old copy?? It will look great in those fabrics...a bit like a UFO since you already had the fabric and the pattern!!! That is some 'backyard' to have fun in.

  2. Love your projects......that is one lovely back yard...

  3. I love the colors Susan. What a great idea for using a jelly roll..

  4. So pretty Susan, I love the FG colours you're using. I also love your backyard - my daughter and niece are away 'camping' tonight too out the back of the farm, lots of fun!

  5. WOW! Love these quilts Susan.


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