Monday, 23 January 2012

Stitching Post Retreat

I've decided that 2012 should be the year I just say yes, and stop thinking of all the reasons why I shouldn't do things.
So, I have just booked my place at The Stitching Post Retreat in October. Two days in Katoomba, stitching with tutors Gail Pan, Natalie Ross and Carol Roberts. Thanks to Ann-Marie for suggesting we go. It's going to be a good year!


  1. Good on you! I was looking at that one as I would love to do a Gail Pan workshop but I have another retreat already in that month........hopefully she will come back another time!

  2. I have sign up for that retreat... Will get to meet you there.


  3. Good on you, sounds like it will be a great retreat!

  4. Great idea. Those events are food for the soul.
    I think I am in love with your star quilt.
    Enjoyed meandering through your lovely work this morning


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