Sunday, 22 January 2012

Needles and thread

Working on the same projects, with just a little bit of retail therapy whilst at Hatched & Patched this week.   I honestly only went in for needles and thread and actually managed to restrain myself even though there was a sale on. I'm trying to save my pennies to spend at GDITC!

But I couldn't resist these pretty glazed buttons. ........

and two fat quarters of Lynette Andersons new range Secret Garden.........

and these fell into my basket at Spotlight!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Susan x


  1. I love those buttons - very cute!!
    Those fabric's from Lynette are very you!
    Are those little fabric squares for your mother in-laws wall hanging??

  2. I did a little more shopping in the sale........shame I missed you.........

  3. Oh you were very
    Lovely fabric and super cute buttons too!

  4. Great purchases...yes save those pennies...


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