Sunday, 29 January 2012

Tis the Season

When I started my blog last August, the Stitch Along was well into TTS. It has been great to see everyones finished quilts - and it helped me choose my own colours and layout.
So Ann-Marie, Sam and I have made our own TTS schedule, to have it finished for Christmas 2012.

I'm using Lynette Andersons Christmas fabrics, and I have jumped the gun and finished my first block (sorry girls - Feb is only a few days away!).

None of us own whips (as far as I know) so if anyone missed out last year please feel welcome to join us - we only want to keep each other motivated.

Susan x


  1. oooohhhhh.......cheeky cheeky..........I have a spare "whip" if you need it.......LOL.........
    have fun girls these are great to stitch.......

  2. Looks good Susan - even if you did start early LoL.

  3. Nice finish ... I'v also just finished my first block for TTS and "plan" to have it finished for 2012.

  4. Very nice Susan, I think Ann thinks we are cheating for starting early, I say we were just eager. Looking forward to seeing more of TTS at GDITC.

  5. Lovely start Susan, will look forward to watching all you progress. It is such a fun quilt to stitch!


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