Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Plodding along

I have been quietly working away on my hand quilting - making the most of the cool weather. I wish I could hand quilt faster.

And when it's warmer, appliqueing my petals. I forgot the little round centres, so need to go back and do those.

I also have an unusual new project commissioned by my mother in law. She is a very lovely lady so even though it's really not my thing, I couldn't say no when she asked me to turn this picture into a banner for her church. We were married in the church so there is a connection. I'm off to Spotlight tomorrow to see what I can find (lots of vliesofix i think!).

Lots of emails buzzing around about GDITC - so, so exciting (only 66 more sleeps).

Happy, happy tonight, hubby is cooking dinner!

Susan x


  1. Love the top quilt and your hand stitching is very cool! You have had a busy week and very productive! Michelle

  2. Hand quilting... so brave. Love all the sewing you are doing too. The wall hanging will be lovely for the Church I agree :)

  3. Love your projects. Le Moyne stars is beautiful. How big are each block?


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