Saturday, 7 January 2017


A little sad that my trip was over, but excited to get home and unwrap my SSCS. My poor partner had to wait and extra ten days to hear from apologies.

My gift from Christin in Switzerland is lovely. A wool work table runner, with beautiful detail in the flowers. I am a big fan of stockings and this one in felt is so cute. Christin also included a mini calendar and the cutest little flower pins. Thank you so much!


Thank you Christin and thanks Chooky for organising the swap again.

Susan x


After ten days in New York we flew to California, where Mr Thimblestitch tried his hand at driving on the other side of the road. Very interesting, he did well! We enjoyed discovering some of the Bay area, I really liked Napa and Sonoma. But my absolute favourite was the giant redwoods at Muir Wood National Monument, they were breathtaking.

After three days driving we arrived back in San Francsico. Such a different city to New York, but still lots to see and do. We rode bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge, rode the street cars and cable cars, toured Alcatraz and really enjoyed the steep hills and beautiful houses.


New Years Eve was a little quieter as coughs and sniffles started to slow us down. Those of us who could, walked to the Bay Bridge for fireworks. Whilst I'm not usually a fan of big crowds, it was a great celebration. Socks finished just in time for the end of 2016!


Wherever I go I usually check out the patchwork and now wool shops before I go. It's always interesting to see (and buy) something different. I find the unexpected little journeys into suburban areas really enhance my trip, whether it's in Australia or overseas. They take me to places I might not otherwise go. In San Francisco, DH and I ventured out to Imagiknit. What a fantastic store, I wish I'd had more time, more money and more knitting skills to take full advantage of it!

We had such a good time. Lots of adventures and experiences, so lucky with mostly great weather. I didn't think I would ever do a trip like this with my children, but it was so special to have this first big overseas experience together. Our trip broadened our horizons and made us appreciate our own country more. 

Home to my beloved hound.

Back in a minute to show you what I got in the SSCS swap!

Susan x

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