Thursday 25 February 2016

Continuing on......

So my biggest boy has flown the nest. He went off to Uni last weekend brimming with enthusiasm and opportunity, leaving us to cope with the huge change in family dynamics. It's been is an emotional roller coaster. I've been soothing my soul by working on my new quilt. More to be added but I'm happy with how it's taking shape.

Obviously there needs to be a little something added to the very centre, and I'm planning a thin bias between the two rounds. Looking forward to the next step.

Tomorrow I'm spending the weekend in Hunter Valley wine country with the wonderful Cassilis quilters for some long overdue retreat therapy. It will also be my sons 19th birthday, so I'm thinking there will be lots of chocolate and bubbles to see me through his first birthday without his mum. I'm pretty sure O week celebrations will take care of him!

Hope you're having a wonderful week.

Susan x

Monday 15 February 2016

My DJ flimsy

I have finished my DJ flimsy, here it is ready to join the quilting queue. As you would know, I ran out of enthusiasm to complete the whole DJ. For a while there I didn't think it would be finished at all. 

Not the greatest light for a photo today, and no, the feet aren't part of the quilt! But I am so happy to get to this stage. I took some creative licence with the border triangles, some are appliqued and some are prints, it became a case of better finished than perfect. I even used my sewing machine to join the triangles and attach the borders, which is quite unusual for me. 

Perhaps by the time I start quilting I will love it again.

Susan x

Sunday 7 February 2016

Hexie mini

I finished a flimsy last night....a teeny tiny one.....12" x 10". I was inspired by a quilt on display at the Sydney Craft Show last year (see my post). It just needs to be appliqued onto a background, probably the same dark red as the hexies between the flowers. I auditioned so many fabrics for those spots, but came back to the darker red. Anything else compromised the flowers. 

My eldest son is soon leaving for University in Sydney. I'm so happy and excited for him, but a bit sad for me, I'll miss him so much. Fortunately it's only 3.5 hours drive away, and I'm trying to look on the positive side of all the patchwork shops I will be able to visit more regularly! Anyway, as part of his packing I made this cute pouch for some first aid supplies. And he likes it!

Hope to show some photos of the next part of my quilt design soon. 

Susan x
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