Sunday 29 April 2012

Getting lots done

Well I can thoroughly recommend a night at home alone - it certainly gets a lot done. I finished the top of my Chelsea Charm quilt - it just needs quilting now.

I used my "bright" fabrics, and finished the sewing case for my neice's birthday (from SKOW). I think it needs a pincushion, needlecase and a simple starter stitchery to finish it off. She will be 8 in August, so I'm well ahead of schedule with this one.

I watched "The Help" on DVD, which was really good. And "New Years Eve", which wasn't. I finished Sonoma Rose by Jennifer Chiaverini. It was okay, but not her best. Hope the next book is back at Elm Creek.

I even planted five new trees along the drive (had some help digging the holes yesterday before everyone left). Lots of autumn colour to come, and five yet to plant.

Today I finished off the stitchery part of the SKOW bag, and am off to work on the bag construction now.

Back to work and reality tomorrow. Boo hoo.

Susan x

Friday 27 April 2012

A little retail therapy.......

It is such a happy coincidence that my parents live in Bathurst, because that's where the Home Patch is. I'm sure they wonder if I'm there to to visit them or Anni - but I think some questions are better left unanswered.

Anyway, I did have a lovely day visiting yesterday. My Dad is about to go into respite care for the first time, so it's a new stage of life for everyone. Mum is taking a holiday so I will be doing a lot of the visiting while she is away.

I did go to the Home Patch (like there was ever any question). I chose the lining for my SKOW bag.

I thought about using this spot, but I think I'll stick with the paisley.

I have been resisting this Japanese fabric for quite some time now.... and yesterday I just gave in. When I was at Nundle, I felt a little bit lacking in the bag department, so I think this fabric is destined to be a bag. I just love the birds. The wavy pattern is my camera not the fabric.
This weekend will be quite a milestone for me. I will be at home by myself overnight - no children - no hubby - just me and the dog - it hasn't happened in over 15 years!!!! We were all supposed to be going to Newcastle for a 40th, but Mr 15 starts his first ever part-time job at the local bakery tomorrow (I'm so proud) and then will be at a friends house overnight, so I'm staying home to play chaffeur.

I'm kinda really excited about it - DVD's hired, chocolate bought, projects ready, fire set, new vegetarian recipe for tea (no men means no meat - yay). But I will really miss them (won't I?) Of course I will.

Anyway, if I get too lonely I'll blog all night. Have a great weekend.

Susan x

Thursday 26 April 2012

Stitching away

After the ANZAC march yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon catching up on some stitching, with the fire going. There's something about spending two weeks together in a motorhome that makes a family come home and head in their own direction for a while!

Keeping up with TTS - Chilly Penguins.

Block 2 of In Full Bloom. I love stitching hollyhocks.

I really need to get back into some patchwork - seem to be just stitching lately.

Off to Bathurst to see my parents today - and maybe just a little visit to The Home Patch.

Susan x

Monday 23 April 2012

Home Sweet Home

We arrived home from NZ last night, tired and happy. It was an amazing holiday - NZ is a gorgeous country filled with beautiful scenery and a lot of really nice people. Now that we are back, it has gone right back on the list of things to do - we would definitely go again.

The only negative I found was a serious lack of craft mags.

It was really refreshing to have a break from blogging and stitching - and now I can't wait to get this HUGE pile of washing out of the way so I can get back into some sewing.

A personal highlight was meeting fellow blogger Miche'le at Hokitika. Her lovely shop is right at her back door - how good would that be. Needless to say I stocked up on a few fabrics and 'souvenirs'. Thank you for your generous welcome Miche'le.

Unfortunately my visit to Twizel and The Rowan Tree was poorly timed - and all I could do was drool at the beautiful fabrics in Shiree's window. My kids described me as grief stricken when I got back in the motorhome.

It was a full-on action packed holiday. I won't go on about it too long, but I will list the highlights:

Pine hedges in Christchurch/Canterbury - Dunedin/Otago Peninsula/Larnach Castle - Tunnel Beach - Te Anau glow worm caves - Fox Glacier - Moeraki Boulders - Arrowtown - watching my firstborn bungy jump - Queenstown luge - Hanmer Springs. This is really hard there are so many great things in NZ.

DH took over 1500 pics - I really like this one of the family at the top of the worlds steepest street in Dunedin.

I'm planning an evening of catching up on all the blog happenings from while I was away.

Susan x

Thursday 12 April 2012

Loving NZ

Two minutes of internet time left! Having an awesome (and cold) time. NZ is just stunning - gorgeous scenery around every bend. No time for sewing or blogging - and I'm still ok.

Susan xx

Sunday 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter. I hope everyone has enjoyed a day of family, friends and chocolate.

We have spent the morning finalising our packing for our New Zealand holiday tomorrow. Nanna and Pop have kindly arrived to house-sit, and we are so organised it's scary.

I'm taking a couple of stitcheries - just in case - and even managed to sneak in an early start on one of them today. It's the bag from Some Kind of Wonderful. Not sure about the dark thread, but we'll see when it's finished.

The laptop is staying at home - and the family is wondering how I'll cope for two weeks. But I am travelling with a teenager, so I'm sure we will find the occasional internet cafe.

See you in two weeks.

Susan x

Thursday 5 April 2012

Holiday reading

Happy, happy holiday reading. My new Jennifer Chiaverini book came yesterday, and now it's packed to take on holidays.
Susan x

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Zipper Bag

I had a rather lovely weekend at home with lots of snippets of sewing time. My sewing corner also needed some TLC and tidying up - so  now I can find what I'm looking for.

I had a go at the small bag from Anni Downs book In the Life of a Bag. I'm rather pleased with how it turned out, but the zipper took a few goes to get right. It was folding/tucking the ends in neatly that gave me the willies. Not like dress or skirt zippers that are nice and flat.

It was very exciting on Sunday to see this twister when we looked out the window. It was amazing to watch it move across the sky, and how quickly it dissipated. Unusual weather for our area.

Susan x

Sunday 1 April 2012

Thread catchers

It started with one, and turned into three. I stumbled across a simple tutorial for making this easy little thread catcher at Needling Things.

It folds up flat so is good for sewing on the go. Now the question is whether I'll actually remember to use it.

When I was at Nundle Chookyblue had a sweet little zipper bag from Anni's bag book. I have this book and hadn't made anything from it, so  I was inspired to have a go. I have been wrestling with the zipper ALL afternoon, so if I don't give up, I will post a pic soon.

Hope you have a great (short) week.

Susan x
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