Tuesday 1 August 2017

Hello strangers

Hello there. My poor little blog has been suffering this year, but a lovely email from a special bloggy friend has prompted me to post. My blog might be quiet but life has been going on at its usual rapid pace. I have been knitting socks and shawls, English paper piecing diamonds and a little applique. 

Some exciting things have happened too. This little favorite of mine won second place in the Miniature category at the Sydney Quilt Show in June. I have wondered for ten years if a quilt of mine would ever be exhibited there, let alone win a prize. What a great experience it was. I loved doing my white glove duty too, and spending a crafty weekend in Sydney with the Cassilis Quilters.

It was also exciting to see my own design, Doing The Rounds hanging at the show. It didn't win a prize, but it's my favorite quilt ever. From the scrappy original sketch to every single hand stitch, it is my own work, and a personal goal achieved. The icing on the cake was being approached to make a pattern for my quilt, and it will soon be available to purchase from De Quiltster in the Netherlands. Hats off to all the wonderful designers who do this for a living, pattern writing is hard! If you're interested in a copy, please email me.

I hope everyone in blogland is well and happily stitching away. I'm more often found on Instagram as Thimblestitch1 these days, so pop over and say hi.

Take care,

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