Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Naughty or Nice??????

This little wall hanging from Anni Downs book 'A Christmas Story' causes quite a lot of trouble as our names get swapped back and forth between naughty and nice all December. Of course I am always on the nice side........ hehe....well, mostly.

Sent my SSCS last week and now the wait begins. Very exciting.

Susan x

Friday, 25 November 2011


Yet another cold, wet day here - but no complaining from me. I went to Bathurst on Tuesday, and made the obligatory visit to the Home Patch. Only a small purchase this time ..... trying to be good for Santa and all that. The red crackle fabric is a glorious shade.

This jelly roll of Rounierres has been sitting in front of me for quite a few months. I bought it and the squares planning to make the Chelsea charm quilt, but it is so lovely to look at that I can't bear to cut it open. I was going to start today but I think I'll leave it a little longer.

The cool weather has made me get out my hand quilting. 21 blocks done, and only 235 to go. It might be a while.......

I have been smitten by the Irish Circles quilt that a few bloggers are working on, so am trying to track down the pattern. Patchwork on Stonleigh used to have it but they have sadly closed. If you have any ideas please help this lover of hand piecing find her new project.....

TGIF, and here's to a great weekend.
Susan x

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Festivity Stocking

This is the big brother to the little stocking I finished on the weekend. I forgot to sew the ricrac into the seam, so I had to fiddle with it after. Looks better with than without.

It was cool enough to do some hand quilting last night. Maybe I will finish my huge quilt ....... one day.......

Susan x

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Macaroon Madness

We have been fans of Master Chef for a while, and particularly love Adriano Zumbo. We have tried his macaroons and they are so yummy. Some clever local ladies even sell them at the Farmers Market. Master 10 has been wanting to try making them for ages and today was the day, and wow, they worked!!!

On the stitching front I have finished my mini stocking. This one is for my neice and will hold her little gift perfectly. It was so quick to do that I'm thinking of making them as gift tags ..... then they can be reused as decorations next year.

The bigger stocking is almost done too.

Sitting here looking at the low clouds and drizzling rain, after a fun family weekend, with some stitching thrown in, I just don't think it gets much better. Hope your weekend was fantastic too.

Susan x 

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Rainy Day

Today has been rainy and overcast so I couldn't do the painting or gardening I had planned. So instead, I had a lovely afternoon putting the borders on my In My Garden BOM, and now the top is finished and I am feeling very pleased with myself.

It will have to get in the queue for hand quilting..... probably after summer now.

I've been following the Henry Glass blog hop....lots of free projects and a prize draw at the end. I've been going via Anni's blog.

Hope you're getting some rain if you need it.

Susan x

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas Stocking

I am loving Hugs n Kisses Festivity Stocking. The different embroidery stitches have been fun to do.

And yay!!! My SSCS is wrapped and ready to post on Monday. It's amazing to think that someone I don't know on the other side of the world is thinking about my Christmas gift. Thankyou Chookyblue for organising the swap.

Hoping to get back to the borders for In My Garden tomorrow. Have great week... it's nearly Friday....

Susan x

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Noelle Table Topper

I have been very good this weekend and finished my Noelle Table Topper BEFORE I started my Christmas stocking.

It's all small projects and not much quilting at the moment. I have started my new Hugs n Kisses stocking .... it has an iron on transfer pattern which I haven't used before... seems to have worked ok (not a very clear pic).

Should be interesting to see how it turns out, as it requires stitches a bit more challenging than just back stitch and french knots. Will test the memory.
I have had a great weekend ....... hope you have too.

Susan x

Friday, 11 November 2011

Mail Day

Because I live out of town I only get mail three days a week..........no big deal....... except when I'm waiting on something. Well now I don't have to wait any longer, my patterns from Helen at Hugs n Kisses arrived today, complete with a skein of Hugs n Kisses red thread. How cute are these.....

The little stockings are only 1" x 3 1/2". And the variegated red is gorgeous.....

And to top it all off I was visiting my parents in Bathurst today and I HAD to pick up some things at The Home Patch for Ann at Lavender Blue Stitches.............. the things you do for friends. I didn't buy much, but I always feel inspired after being there. 

Now I'm looking forward to the weekend - hope you get the chance to do some stitching too.

Susan x

Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Wedding Quilt

I am waiting on a new pattern in the mail, but was surprised when The Wedding Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini came instead. I pre-ordered it ages ago, thinking it would come for Christmas.... but it's here now. Hmmmm.....not working today.........reading and sewing versus housework.........

Susan x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

In My Garden progress

Last night I laid out the blocks for In My Garden, well eight of them anyway!

Block 9 is almost done, so the end is in sight (for the top anyway). I have loved doing the needle turn applique, and gettting a yummy package in the mail every month.

Oh, the Cold Chisel concert was awesome. We had such a good night......but lets just say things were a little bit slow on Sunday.

Susan x

Friday, 4 November 2011

Cold Chisel

Had a lovely Melbourne Cup day stitching with a friend. Very relaxing with lots of chatting, sewing and eating yummy food. No photos, we were both just working away on little Christmas stitcheries.

I've been working on my BOM too, savouring the last month, and looking forward to seeing it all together soon.

Having a real change of pace for the weekend. We are going to see Cold Chisel at A day on the Green at a local winery. So we have a house full for the weekend.....so it's cooking for me today, and not much sewing for the weekend. It should be a fun weekend though.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Susan x

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Family Sentiments

I've been shuffling some pictures and stuff around since finishing some painting and this little stitchery has had to move on......not sure where to put it yet. I did it so long ago that I only remember buying the kit when passing through Beaudesert years and years ago. The words are pretty accurate for most families I think.

Hope you're having a lovely week.

Susan x
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