Saturday, 27 June 2015

Another mini and finished cowl

I started this mini With 3/8" hexies a while ago using a precious charm pack of Antique Fair. I was inspired by a similar mini in 1/4" hexies that I saw at Pot Pourri Cottage in Newcastle last year. Quilting inspiration struck this week so I finally made a start. I wasn't sure how to quilt the hexagons but I'm happy with how it's looking. 

A big ta-da moment last night when I finished my cowl from the Sydney craft show. Made in just over a week would be a knitting personal best for me. It was quite simple once I figured out the pattern, and came together quickly on large needles. I wore it down town today and didn't feel too conspicuous........was nice and warm too.

End of financial year has been wearing me out at work so I'm looking forward to some quiet sewing time this weekend. Hope you find a moment (or two) to relax too.

Susan x

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Retail therapy

I can't really go to the quilt show and then not show you what I bought! Unfortunately I lost my list early in the day, but there were plenty of temptations. I love Karen Kay Buckley's scissors so I'm going to try her pins too. Double pronged pins, little rulers, a Hera marker to try out, a couple of patterns, and some small pieces of fabric. Fabric wasn't really on my list, I'm finding that even fat quarters are too big for my needs lately. Cherry Pie had these good packs of 3" by wof. Maybe I should ask my friends to save their scraps for me!

I also succumbed to buying more wool. Signature Handknits had items made up that you could try on and buy the kit (or buy already knitted). So with Julie and Kylie's encouragement I'm knitting another cowl, but this one is a bit like a shawl as well, and comes down over the shoulders. I haven't been able to stop since I started.

What I can't show you is the long list of ideas I brought home. I found the whole show more inspiring than last year.........maybe it was all those red and white quilts.

I'm off to spend the afternoon dabbling in my sewing room.

Susan x

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Sydney Craft Show

So glad I made the effort to go to the Sydney Quilt Show this year. The red and white quilt exhibit was as good as I hoped. So many beautiful and inspirational quilts. We were able to take photos but not reproduce them without permission, so I'm sorry, I only have a general photo of the exhibit.

I met up with Julie and Kylie. We had a lovely time checking out all the stands and encouraging each other to spend money..........great friends to have! I'll show you my goodies in another post.

I found lots of mini inspiration, my absolute favourite was this superb 1/4" hexie flower garden quilt by the extremely talented Lorraine at Patchwork Plus. The red pathways make a nice change from neutrals. I also got to see Elenor Jean in person, it was exquisite. 

I would love to stay at home and play with my purchases tomorrow, but alas, I have to go to work......but it's going to be a good weekend!

Susan x

Sunday, 14 June 2015

First stitch

Finally made the first quilting stitch in Irish Circles today. It felt good to be doing "proper" quilting again after a couple of big stitch projects. I love this quilt, and I'm looking forward to every stitch of the quilting.

I've also had a design rethink for my mini quilt wall. I have installed a small wooden rail, a bit like a picture rail really, in my sewing room and I'm hanging the mini's evenly from the top. I have quite a bit of space to fill, so lucky I have two new mini's underway. 

My knitting is going well too, it's just hard to work on everything at once! Hope you find some time to sew this weekend.

Susan x

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Knitting thank you

Thank you for your knitting advice. I think I knew I would have to undo, but I was in denial. Anyway, I pulled it undone and started again, carefully making sure the row was straight this time.

Very happily discovered yesterday that I can knit in the car! Mr 16 needed driving practice so I sat in the back knitting all the way to Bathurst and back. Hubby is very pleased because he thinks it raises his chances of driving across the Nullarbor!

Over the long weekend Mr 13 was at a loose end so I commissioned a woodwork project. This is the prototype of my new cotton reel holder. It's a tad wide, but certainly does the job. I was very impressed that he did it all by himself.

I am trying out yet another blogging app today after my troubles last week. Looking ok so far. Hope you had a lovely weekend, with lots of sewing time.
Susan x

Saturday, 6 June 2015

FNWF uh-oh

So I got quite a bit done last night. And spent a lot of time seeing what everyone else was up to! Thank you Cheryll for hosting.

But I have just realised I may have made a beginners mistake with my knitting in the round. I have started knitting my cowl but there is a couple of twists in it, which seem to be getting more pronounced. Please help if you have any knitting knowledge........should I undo or carry on? Will this twist be a problem to knit, and will the cowl wear ok? I won't do another stitch until I get some expert opinions!

Susan x

Friday, 5 June 2015


Decisions, decisions......too many projects to choose from for FNWF tonight. I started with a little bit of applique for a pincushion. Marina made it for Dawnie in Japanese taupes and I couldn't resist the kit last time I was at The Home Patch. I love doing needle turn, and am still looking for my next big applique project.....

Of course the hexagons are always calling me. Two mini's on the go.....

Or I could start knitting a new cowl. I bought the wool at Morris & Sons in Sydney last weekend, which had a huge supply of beautiful wools. Not sure how I walked out with grey when there were so many incredible colours to choose from.

And I haven't made the first stitch in Irish Circles yet (that's the backing in the photo above), which I basted last week, just waiting for the right moment. Fortunately it's a long weekend here, so I may get to do a bit of everything.

I hope this weekend finds you warm, snug and stitching (if you're in the Southern Hemisphere anyway!).

Susan x

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Nine Patch finish

I finished the binding on my nine patch quilt last night. It's made from repro nine patches swapped between friends last year. I used a snuggly flannelette backing, and big stitch quilting with perle in the plain blocks to mirror the nine patch.

I was short on backing so used some leftover blocks to make up the shortfall. I think it's a nice feature.

I was trying to be artistic this morning by taking a photo in the frost. 

I wasn't planning on going to the Sydney craft show this year, it's a busy time at home and work. But when I read that there was a red and white quilt display (100+) there was no question, my mind was made up. So I will be there on the Thursday, probably looking a combination of worn out and excited........I think my red and white hexie bag will need to come along!

Susan x

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Weekend sewing

I'm back! I've changed over to the Blogger app and it seems to be working again....phew.

I joined in the Chookshed celebrations by basting my Irish Circles quilt on Friday. Thank goodness for the pinning tool from Cheryll, it saved my fingers. 

Then on Saturday the Cassilis quilters finally got together again. There were lots of holiday stories from Africa, America, South Australia (and Dubbo for a lucky few!). And lots of gifts. African fabric from Julie and teeny tiny foundation piecing kits from Lea's quilting trip to the U.S. 
Lea also shared her antique quilt purchases. Love this applique tent maker quilt.......

.....and this mini is only 8"square! Beautiful.
Raelee made the first stitches in her epic cross's about 90cm by 60cm, so will definitely be a labour of love. This is her pretty stars progress.

We were all prepared to celebrate Lea's milestone birthday, but we were a year early! Very funny and embarrassing. My neighbour decorated these sewing themed cakes, we even had flowers, birthday cake and presents.

I was working on binding my nine patch quilt, and hope to finish tonight.

Susan x

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