Sunday, 27 October 2013


Plans actually came together and I had a rather lazy afternoon quilting in front of tv yesterday. I finally started on Floral Beauty. The quilting will be quite simple, just double rows around each circle, and maybe a little at the block corners.

I have appliquéd the layers of each block without cutting out the fabric behind so it is too thick to quilt through. I'm not sure if this is how I should have done it, but it's what I've got to work with now.

Whilst I sewed I watched The Big Wedding and The Internship. Both were very funny.

I really need to spend some time on secret Christmas projects today. Hope you have a relaxing day and find a moment for some stitching.

Susan x

Saturday, 26 October 2013

A better block and ensuite pics

It's been a bit quiet on the sewing front this week, but I am very happy with what I did do. It's a much better block for my Irish Circles.

The biggest finish this week was our ensuite. The shower screen went in yesterday, and hubby is doing the lights and power points today. I love how it turned out, after so many years of planning and saving. The main bathroom will have it's turn next week........the end of our house renovations is in sight.

I am planning an afternoon of quilting in front of the tv. Hope you have some stitching plans for the weekend too.

Susan x

Monday, 21 October 2013

Trying to be good.

This parcel arrived on Friday. It's from Kerry at Cottage on the Hill and it's a needlecase swap. I have to wait until November 1 to open it......I'm trying to be good......I've only squeezed it once!

I had a trip to spotlight on Saturday, mainly for towels for the new ensuite. Pretty happy with the "30% off towels" sign that greeted me as I walked in. I was so focused on towels that I didn't even look at fabric. I did however, pick up these sweet cotton ribbons. There were lots of other Christmas styles as well. The linen ribbon was from The Home Patch.

Had a "stressful" couple of hours last night trying to choose fabrics for some Irish Circles blocks. Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind, but nothing seemed to work together. The centre came together so easily, I wish the blocks were the same. I ended up falling back on some old favourite reds to keep me motivated.

Maybe I need more fabric for my stash? I'm thinking Midwinter Reds could do it.

Hope you're having a great start to the week.

Susan x

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Just playing

I have wanted to have a go at making something using selvedges for ages, and today inspiration struck. I only had a small selection, but enough for a zipper pouch.

I put the linen on the top. Looking at it finished, I think I would adjust the pattern to show more of the selvedges next time. I really like the look, and feel very thrifty using them.

And the bottom.

It just needs a little something on the zipper, and then it can go to it's new home.

It's been terrible weather today, but thankfully no bushfires in our area. My thoughts are with those in fire affected areas.

Take care,
Susan x

What do you think?

This is the centre block of Irish Circles, I loved sewing every stitch of it. Below it is the first outer block........and it just looks blah. Do you ever pull out some fabrics, make the block, then wonder what you were thinking? It may not have helped that my entire wardrobe is strewn all over my sewing room....not the best conditions for creativity. I will keep it aside to see how it looks with the other blocks, but it's not looking promising.

On a brighter note, I am super excited about our new ensuite. It's looking great, and will hopefully have some pictures to post next week.

Hubby is away on his annual pilgrimage to the Moto GP at Phillip Island (yes he has gone away and left me in charge of the renovation).

So that means a change to routine, and lots of late nights stitching. I've finished off the Heart and Soul pincushion and made some definite plans for Christmas swaps. Two quilts basted and ready for quilting.

Happy stitching.

Susan x

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Still here

I've been a bit preoccupied with our ensuite renovation this week. We have moved right out of our bedroom into the lounge room, so the house is in disarray. The builder started on Tuesday and all is progressing according to plan (so far). I'm still painting the front fence, and quite enjoying supervising rather than doing the actual renovation work for a change. I admit that I do rather like painting, I'll be doing the ensuite and all through our wardrobe too.

So not a great deal of sewing happening. I have been doing some secret sewing and fiddling with little hexies. I'm also finishing off the second pincushion that came in the Heart and Soul kit from Hatched and Patched.

And for something completely different I dyed a dress today. I bought a white linen dress on sale, and whilst I loved the dress, it was a bit see through. I bought some blue denim Dylon and today Mr 12 and I got creative in the laundry. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and astonished that the stitching is still snowy white. Mr 12's new blue socks are still drying!

I'm looking forward to Sculptures in the Garden tomorrow, and some stitching time. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Susan x

Saturday, 5 October 2013


I did sign up for FNWF but forgot to do my own post about it. It was a late start, and I only managed to appliqué two shapes on my Irish Circles, better than nothing I guess.

I also got some happy mail from The Stitchers Cupboard. I ordered my Floral Beauty backing Wednesday, and it arrived Friday. Very happy with the service. I love the smokey purple, and the small print.

It's a long weekend here, I'm hoping to sneak away and sew.
Happy stitching,
Susan x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A little shopping

I did get a chance to drop in to Quiltsmith yesterday, but as is often the case, the more I plan for a shopping trip, the less I find to buy.

This is the backing I chose for The Simple Life, and a couple of prints that couldn't be left behind.....Road 15 from Sweetwater. I did find a backing for Floral beauty but there wasn't enough left on the bolt, so I've ordered it online.

The Vikings exhibition was very interesting, and we also enjoyed looking through the destroyer HMAS Vampire, and submarine HMAS Onslow. The National Maritime Musem was well worth the visit.

We are having a very quiet day today with no electricity. The power went off in the middle of my shower, and as we are on tank water, no power means no not a very good start to the day. Thank goodness for hand stitching!

Susan x
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