Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Wedding Quilt

I am waiting on a new pattern in the mail, but was surprised when The Wedding Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini came instead. I pre-ordered it ages ago, thinking it would come for Christmas.... but it's here now. Hmmmm.....not working today.........reading and sewing versus housework.........

Susan x


  1. My copy arrived a few days ago. For now, it rests on the table, waiting to be read. When I get a new Elm Creek Quilts novel, I like to linger, kinda' savoring the idea of reading it.....silly I suppose, but it's part of the anticipation. When the Christmas one came out, I saved it to be read on C. Eve, which I did, as I had some time for reading. This time, I have to let it rest and wait as I am covered up with some projects that I must stick to so I can get them finished by the deadlines that I have. When the time comes for my reading, I know I'm going to be ready!

  2. I'm a bit like Connie here...when a new Elm Creek book comes out it rests for a while...Have you read this one yet Susan? I haven't...I think I'm waiting for her to have the babies before reading about one of them get married!


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