Thursday, 29 March 2012

More GDITC...., TTS

These swings are outside the Nundle Woollen Mill - aren't they a great idea.

We shared our table with three girls from Queensland : Cheryl, Susan, Sam, Ann-Marie, Lynda and Bronne.

I'm a little bit ahead on TTS, this is the April block.

I added another row of clamshells to my GDITC block last night. It's lovely to work with such a pretty fabric range.

Susan x


  1. I didn't see the swings. What a very clever idea! Thank you for sharing the table with us. We had a lovely day and enjoyed your company. See you next year!

  2. Good girl for keeping up with the clamshells!

  3. Hi Susan - yes it was me that received your gorgeous pincushion ... thank you so much I love it (so much better than mine lol!) xxx

  4. it's a great love it.......

  5. I have had a few goes on those swings...Susan your block looks great.

  6. I'm looking forward to adding to my clamshells tomorrow!

  7. Nice to share the table with you at Nundle and pleased to catch
    up with you on your blog. Enjoy New Zealand.


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