Sunday, 14 October 2012

Blue Mountains Retreat Day 2

We were all packed and ready to sew at 9am today. We mostly kept working on our project from yesterday. I thought I would have finished my needle case today, but not quite, just a few more stitches to go. I'll keep you in suspense and show you when I'm finished.
These are the girls from my, Lou, Sandra, Bernie and Marg.........Ann and Sam are camera shy. We had so much fun....... I think that really is the point of going on retreat. We all stayed together as well, so the laughs continued well into both nights.

Carol Roberts designed my needle case project, and here she is with me reluctantly, but kindly agreeing to a photo with a fan.

A little bit of fabric shopping was done, but you will have to wait for that too.

Home tonight, tired and happy.........

Susan x


  1. Oh the suspense :) looking forward to seeing you project and more :)

  2. You are teasing us but we are a patient lot. Your smiles say it all.

  3. Glad you are back safely Susan....I'll be back tomorrow to see more!

  4. Great photos....can't wait to see the purchases and the project

  5. Ahhh, little hexies in your hand. Can't wait to see what they become.

  6. What a fantastic weekend. Glad you made it there safely - the weather was horrible everywhere. We even had snow at Kiama.

  7. Hi Susan... It was a great weekend. It was nice to catch up with you again.


  8. Ohhh looks like you had a wonderful time!!


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