Thursday, 13 December 2012

Merry Reindeer

Finished my little Gail Pan runner. It's a little smaller than most runners, but I have the perfect bare spot for it. I ended up quilting some simple stars in variegated red DMC. It is such a good match that you can hardly see them......not sure if that is good or bad.

I went to Penrith yesterday with Mr 13, for a five minute dental appointment (it's a 7 hour return drive). My reward was a quick visit to Post Office Patchwork, where i bought some fabric for my nine patch swap. They were enjoying a champagne lunch to celebrate their last class for the year, I so wanted to just stay there with them surrounded by all that beautiful fabric.

Today is my last day at home by myself with no kids before the holidays........and I haven't sewn a stitch! Better go and do something about that.

Susan x


  1. It's beautiful Susan, love it!

  2. your runner is beautiful! Great job.
    What a shame you didn't get more time at the patchwork shop.

  3. I love this table runner and I think the quilting is perfect. hugs

  4. I hope you enjoyed the last few minutes of freedom with a needle in your I think the table runner is lovely too! :)

  5. how pretty is that runner.... well done...

    I just ordered fabric for the 9 patch swap... I needed help from Trish as to what to get.... me... reproduction???? oooooh it will be fun...


  6. So so cute!!! No more lunches and car pickups for a little while.

  7. The Tablerunner is so beautiful.

    Have a nice day, Manuela.

  8. You tablerunner is very pretty. Soon it will busy for you.

  9. Adorable table runner, and stars is a great idea!


  10. Lovely Tablerunner Enjoy the Holidays

  11. Love the runner, it is very, very cute! Enjoy your peace, Michelle.


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