Friday, 6 December 2013


I've signed up for FNWF tonight. I think I'll be doing some festive stitching whilst watching The Santa Clause (again). The way it feels this morning it could be snowing by tonight.....good sewing weather but crazy for December.

Pop over to Cheryll to join us.

Susan x


  1. Yes a change from 2 days ago...
    Enjoy tonight! :)

  2. Yesterday it was 34 and humid in my kitchen (no a/c here) and then I received a text from a friend visiting Melbourne to say it was 14, windy and rainy. Amazing! I will be stitching along tonight too. xx debbie

  3. I'll be stitching along with you.

  4. On Tuesday we had 38oC and then yesterday there was snow at Falls Creek and we had to put the central heating on - crazy weather! Have fun sewing tonight.

  5. Enjoy your evening. I am preparing food to take to our quilting break up tomorrow.


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