Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Catching up

Catching Up is becoming a regular post heading on my blog. I've been working more than usual which leaves less time for sewing, but it's interesting and challenging work, so not a bad thing. I did however make time for a sewing day in Muswellbrook with the Cassilis quilters. No photos of the girls or our projects, but an absolutely delightful setting in the garden. Thank you Lea.

I have started my annual knit, another cowl in the same pattern as last year. It's actually a very pretty light blue but the lighting isn't playing along today.   I am learning to give in to my knitting instinct at the beginning of each winter, although it has gotten out of control this year. I bought some sock wool at the weekend to try knitting socks.......like I need another slow project to work on!

I thought this would be my first Mother's Day without my eldest son, but my wonderful husband secretly organised for Mr 19 to catch the train and meet us in the Blue Mountains for lunch. What a great day out with my favourite people.

Hope you find some spare moments to sew today.
Susan x


  1. Lovely knitting ... What a beautiful photo bet you felt super special 💖💖💖💖💖

  2. Beautiful knitting. What a neat surprise...such a lovely happy photo of you all x

  3. Your boys are growing! I remember earlier posts from you and this new image really shows those growth spurts we know so well when raising young men. Wonderful photo! Your knitting is beautiful - love the stitch and texture it creates.

  4. What a great surprise for mothers day. Love the idea of home knitted socks, I am sure they will be quicker to knit then you think.

  5. Funny how the cooler weather brings out that knitting bug - last week I impulsively bought two enormous balls of wool for a cowl ...not sure when that will get done either!! Gorgeous family - and what a nice Mother's Day surprise.

  6. that setting looks perfect for a get together. I have always had a yearning to knit socks (it's not a need yet though!! haha) great to have everyone together for Mothers Day... wonderful

  7. That was the best surprise for mothers' day! Knitting socks is fun (but slow going for me).

  8. Lovely post Susan...a get together...knitting...and the best a surprise lunch in the Mountains!

  9. Bummer that we have to work, definitely cramps crafting time.
    The cooler weather inspires me to get wools out too, started a crochet throw, might even keep this one.
    Wonderful Mother's Day surprise to have all your little chicks together.
    Don't work too hard

  10. Interesting how knitters get the urge to knit when the weather cools down!! Your hubby is wonderful to organise your son to come for lunch!! Well done him!! Lovley for you to all be together. That sewing place looks wonderful too.

  11. How beautiful of your hubby and your big boy. I am so glad you got to be all together. Love the knitting. I am so glad you got to meet the girls in Musswellbrook its looks a lovely spot to quilt.


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