Friday, 25 March 2016

Another little finish

This little mini was almost finished at my Two Rives retreat, it only needed the binding sewn on. Just 11" x 12", and made with 1/4" hexies. It was inspired  by a quilt I saw at the Sydney Craft show last year, you can read about it here. It wasn't until I added this photo that I noticed how much that very dark flower stands out, too late to do anything about it now!

I will have to think of another small hexie project, I'm a bit lost without them!

My son came home from Uni last night so it has been a good family day today........right up to the part where I disturbed some paper wasps and got about 14 stings on my back and arm. Feeling a bit fragile now, but at least my hands haven't swollen, so I'll still be able to stitch.

I hope you're having a happy Easter of stitching, chocolate and NO creepy crawlies!

Susan x


  1. Totally love this Susan but so sorry to hear of your encounter with the wasps. I say put your feet and cut a few more hexies to get you onto the road to recovery.

  2. It is a lovely little quilt. I love that you took the trouble to make hexies of the background too, rather than i.e. applique the flowers on to the background (beautiful color btw). Sorry about the wasps, hope you will soon feel better.

  3. So very pretty! I like the dark hexie flower - it adds variety :0) OUCH! Wasps are nasty - glad you can still stitch!

  4. Ouch! So sorry for your pain and misery. Love the bright little quilt though. It's a keeper.:)

  5. The red hexie mini is just adorable, love all the fussy cutting and I don't think the dark flower is wrong at all. Hope there was something in the first aid kit to help with the nasty wasp stings. Have a lovely Easter with your family.

  6. Magnificent Susan!
    Well done on the finish
    Horrible stingy wasps! Did you scream 'not the hands,not the hands' when they attacked?
    Enjoy your time having your family in the one place again

  7. Oh how absolutely lovely your hexagon quilt is!
    Nasty wasps.


  8. It is wonderful finish Susan - and oh so tiny!! So sorry to hear about your stings - sounds like you need to take it easy and maybe start another hexie project?!
    Enjoy the rest of your Easter break :)

  9. A lovely finish. Sorry to read of your wasp stings. I find that just one is bad enough!

  10. A gorgeous finish! Gosh 14 stings - ouch! Hope you are feeling better soon. Lovely to have your boy back for Easter.

  11. oh Susan, it's just gorgeous, and I love that there is a stand out hexagon... we all need some stand out poeple in our lives!!! ouch with those wasps, I have just had one at a time and they itched for days - vinegar helped!

  12. Dear Susan,
    beautiful little mini finish, it is so cute.
    Sorry to read about the wasps stiching you, hope you are feeling better by now.
    Happy Easter,

  13. Such a gorgeous mini quilt, lovely work Susan!

  14. It is stunning Susan. You are too harsh on yourself about your dark flower. It looks just fine. What is it with paper wasps this year? I'd previously heard of them, but never seen them. Then Chooky has had two encounters, I've seen my first nest near our storage unit, but not too close, thankfully. There seem to be quite a few buzzing around our new house, but I've not seen a nest and now your encounter. I hope the bites clear up quickly. They must be very painful.

  15. 14 stings! Oh no! They hurt so too! Must be lovely seeing your son again - special times.

    I asked myself 'which dark flower?' - you could just as easily have mentioned the bright flowers as standing out but all in all, each one adds to the whole and the beautiful dance of contrast.


  16. love your quilt............
    hope you were ok after the 14 bites.......I would have huge red hot welts......we found another huge nest in the garden....


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